MacAlpine performing in Zoetermeer , Having started playing piano at the age of five [1] [2] and guitar at twelve, MacAlpine studied classical piano and violin for a number of years at the Springfield Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts , as well as various music programs at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. He played with them for three albums in the first part of the decade— Universe , Live from Oz and MoonBabies —and rejoined them in for a string of live performances, and at that time a possible new album. Event occurs at time Although Side B is much more hair oriented i. Driver album was released through Shrapnel Records in , and the sound had some similarity to other Shrapnel acts like Vicious Rumors, Cacophony, Racer X, and Apocrypha, that being in the thick and hollow tone of the guitars, impressive lead guitar capabilities and melodic vocals.

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The great production and keyboard touches in this one add to the epicness while the lyrics evoke plenty of emotion.

Deep and sincere thanks to you all for your wonderful support through this very difficult last 12 months. There are similarities to Leatherwolf and Racer X with progressive touches here and there for good measure. Tony MacAlpine born August 29, is an American musician and composer.

It’s an image that could scar a man for life, and while I’d be willing its horrid projwct slip free and laugh the band down to oblivion, they did produce this one, decent album called Project: Burlington, OntarioCanada: The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal: Cover art by Guy Aitchison. This page was last edited on 18 Julyat Tony MacAlpine is not only a noted shredder projrct his own right, but has also performed with others like Vinnie Moore, Joey Tafolla, and more recently the band Ring of Fire.


As part of a band effort named ‘MacAlpine’, Eyes of prlject World was released in as a more commercially oriented attempt to macalpien other hard rock acts at the time.

MacAlpine currently resides in Pasadena, California. Even though the ballad “Nostradamus” calmed all the intensity, it is still having the mystique vibe of the preceding songs.

ShrapnelPolyGramFavored Nations. MacAlpine became a prominent user of seven string guitars after joining Planet X [25] projsct still plays them regularly, along with eight-string guitars.

Tony MacAlpine

Views Read Edit View history. During nacalpine time, he was the guitarist for progressive metal supergroup Planet Xalongside keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Virgil Donati. Overall a brilliant, technical and ambitious release with this album. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat He’s also got that commercial appeal that the band are mixing in here with the more serious, fast paced traditional metal, and without his charisma, the record might have been something far less.

M.A.R.S. – Project: Driver – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Of course, there is also MacAlpine, whose leads pepper the album like whorls of leaves on a brisk, breezy autumn afternoon, occasionally self effacing through excess indulgence, but just as projectt kicking asses to the moon they mwcalpine always climb back via his hair. Event occurs at time From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nearly a decade later, in Junehe released his self-titled eleventh studio album through guitarist Steve Vai ‘s Favored Nations label.

MacAlpine performing in Zoetermeer In a career spanning three decades and thirteen studio albums, he is best known as an instrumental rock solo guitarist, although he has worked with many different bands and musicians in guest appearances and collaborations. Rock Hard in German. Driver album was released through Shrapnel Records inand the sound had some macalpinf to other Shrapnel acts like Vicious Rumors, Cacophony, Racer X, and Apocrypha, that being in the thick and hollow tone of the guitars, impressive lead guitar capabilities and melodic vocals.


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Project: Driver

Driver is absolutely worth the pain in tracking down if you enjoy other Shrapnel efforts, in particular the Cacophony pair-up of Jackson Becker and Marty Friedman, or the first two records by Vicious Rumors. The substitution or omission of the colon is due to technical restrictions.

Unfortunately, the formula of the band did not seem to work appropriately, as they only recorded this release, nonetheless, the high quality of the music played herein outweighed by far their deficiencies as macakpine team, and projeft why the album could be considered as a great work.

For his last album of the decade, Master of ParadiseMacAlpine briefly assumed singing duties in an effort to experiment with different styles. MacAlpine’s twelfth studio album, Concrete Gardenswas released on April 21, Of course this is recommended for die-hard fans of the 80’s power metal sound, and those who want a rarity in their collections.

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