This method worked for me. Where to make the folder? By “inverting” I mean switching the settings in the GPO to their opposite values. You do not need to explicitly deny access — just omit an entry for Everybody. He would alter the settings through regedit command on Run console. Deny read access Enabled Removable Disks:

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March 20, at 2: October 30, at 9: November 12, at It should be 4.

Just run the command with the usb storage device plugged in and all should be well: System error has occured. SetValue “Start”, 4 ; can any one help The memory stick should initialized and mapped to a drive letter.

I find it funny that they disable USB ports and yet you still have access your your online cloud storage spaces.

5 Ways to enable or disable USB Drives or Ports in Windows

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April 14, at 1: The steps below edit the Windows Registry. You would find it impossible to gain admin access to anything at all on a corporate workstation computer that usbsstor setup properly. Thnx in adv, Sridhar.

How to Disable the Use of USB Storage Devices in Windows 10

Block usb by desktop management tool. Here is how you do it. To assign a user or group Deny permissions to the Usbstor. This software can easily enable and disable USB ports. Can someone please help me with this! This is very common effect from people usbsor Apple products.

Did this solve your problem? Then there is a logoff script that sets it back to disabled using the same bat file that disables it at system startup.

November 21, at 7: This USB disable feature is extremely useful for data security.

How to Enable or Disable USB ports In Windows 7

You can even try to copy and paste the data in that file with online office apps. Just one more step to go!


It also checks the log of any illegal activity to keep your computer secure. Additionally I wanted domain administrators to be able to still use USB drives when they logged in without having to do anything. Hi, This is the exact post what I was trying to find.

Disable USB Storage: Registry, Group Policy, or Software

Mansi Vijay 23 Dec – 17 min read. December 25, at 4: Is there any way i can unblock my ports???

February 23, at 6: USB storage – a possible security risk?

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