It is probably some setting. It will download the correct alternate ISO according to your choice. This page is intended to help you with the setup of troublesome components, and is by no means an official HOWTO. Compatibility of Broadcom wireless chipsets is still troublesome. The simpler things can be made for me, the better, haha.

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If nothing helps, would you be able to post over Ubuntu forums where Ubuntu experts would be able to better assist you. Do you know how to psvilion it in ubuntu? Be ready to press the ESC button, otherwise your computer might hang-up. I also went to Synaptic Package Manager, did a search for Broadcom, and just installed whatever was there with the exception of one thing that wasn’t related.

So far, I’ve gone to Hardware Drivers, and it says I have a Broadcom driver installed, but not active. Simply swtich to hardy, and the problem should work.

Thanks for any advice you may offer. NOTE I started this wiki page as much for my own reference as to help others, without their help this page wouldn’t be so comprehensive.


The one true wonderful solution http: Message 7 of I will be maintaining this wiki as ubuntu is debian based, I may not know the answer-but I am Teaker1s and you can pm jp on forum for a chat.

After this operation, kB of additional disk space will be used. I just ran into this also, but I think I know the problem mostly: Is it because the driver problem? For models that have the intel onboard video chipset, installing the package “resolution” from the repositories will solve this problem.

Ziul dvse Success Just install the nvidia page driver: Getting to that point is the challenge. The few times I’ve seen it get past that, Wirreless see that the next thing to get shut down is the alsa driver, which makes me wonder whether the reason for my lockups and inability to shutdown properly is due largely to the alsa driver. Originally Posted by RockDoctor Interesting. Message 6 of If it does not post in the forums for quick help.

Replacing Windows with Ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC | Open Data

But a related bug is that the user isn’t told about this issue, and instead gets a slightly cryptic error message. Have to manually change from wireleds to “vesa” in xorg. I suggest installing to a new unused partition. Follow the guidelines in the link below.


August 14th, 3. The next time it should smoothly apply the screen resolution configured for the mono-cpu kernel that is, x resolution. Working with only occasional hang-ups under the following conditions: All times are GMT Where do we GET the Windows drivers???

Search Search this site: Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Comments Post new comment Your name: I tried installing Linux on its own but I ended up ruining my dual-boot setup.

Please, note that this model originally comes with Windows 10 Home. Because of Gutsy’s improved power management, this should no longer be an issue.

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