The printer can print using IPv4 or IPv6 internet protocols. When exchanging important or confidential information, we recommend that you use a method other than e-mail that guarantees security. Contact your system administrator. Meter Readings Displays the number of printed pages on the control panel. To avoid the risk of burn injuries and electric shock, never touch the area with the “High Temperature”

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If any error messages not listed in this section appear, contact our Customer Support Center or your dealer. Loosen the screw on the control board cover of the printer, and open the cover. Machine Installation Machine Installation Locate this product in a well-ventilated area.

Is the power cord firmly plugged into the power outlet? The warning marks stand for the followings: When [Disable] is selected, the protocol cannot be activated. If you swallow toner, spit it out, rinse your mouth with water, drink plenty of water and docuprlnt a physician immediately.

Security Features Security Features This section explains various security features of the printer and how to configure them. Unsupported Paper Do not use the following types of paper or media. Interface Cable Interface cable: Enter a password in [Secure Print Passcode]. Insert the tray into the printer, and push until it stops.



The Fuser Unit becomes very hot during printing. Sample Print Sample Print allows you to store the print data of multiple copies in the memory, print out only the first set to check the print result and if satisfactory, print the remaining copies from This feature is not supported on the model sold in China. If you spill a large volume of toner, contact your local C21220 Xerox Switch off the power of the printer.


Take out the new Fuser Unit from the box. Reload the paper correctly.

Did you turn on the printer? Follow the procedure described below to set this feature using CentreWare Internet Services. Item Description Paper Type If an IP address is not listed, or if you want to change the current IP address, assign the setting using the following procedure. Page 73 Recommended and Tested Paper The following paper and media are recommended or have been tested with the printer.

It may be a legal offence to print currency notes, certificates of stocks and securities, or any other documents of similar nature, regardless of whether they will be used. The NV memory is nonvolatile memory that retains the settings of the printer even when its power is switched off. Printing on Envelopes This section explains how to print on envelopes. Always follow all warning instructions marked on or supplied with this product. The following diagram shows some parts of the menu structure.


Checking Printed Checking Printed Pages The printer can count the number of printed pages and sheets by different categories such as output color and computer.

For details on the replacement procedure of the consumables, refer to the procedure listed in the packaging box of the consumables and “7. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

DocuPrint C2120 Drivers & Downloads

The default is [Long Edge Flip]. Printing On Envelopes The following procedure explains how to load envelopes in Tray 1. Paper Jams in Tray 1 Follow the procedure below to remove paper jammed in the paper tray. Machine Installation Locate this product in a well-ventilated area. Docu;rint [Secure Print] dialog box appears.

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